Father, teacher for Youth On Record in Denver, student, artist. All words that describe what JuiceBox is. But WHO JuiceBox is, can be better described by the deep, passionate love and gratitude he has for being those things. Through the painful experiences that made up his teenage and young adult life he found himself between two choices: Continue in misery... OR, use the pain to grow, prosper and help others.
Everyday he sees proof that choosing the later, tho difficult and uncomfortable at times, has undoubtedly filled his life with an abundance of joy and purpose. And through his art, learning, teaching and parenting he aims to share that joy and that purpose as much as humanly possible. 



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As a young child, JuiceBox of Paradise found a love for hip hop. As he grew older and the adults in his life took notice of his new-found love and passion for music, he started to hear a common phrase from them: “ONE-IN-A-MILLION”. He was told it would be a “one-in-a-million” chance of making it as a Rapper. His parents were teenagers when JuiceBox was born so they knew what it was like to struggle. They didn’t want the same for Juice. They would say, “Do your music on the side.” “Go to college.” “Get a career.” “Music is only a ONE-IN-A-MILLION chance.” But for JuiceBox, Hip Hop is not just something he loves; Hip Hop is a part of Him. Hip Hop is what he is meant to do. He got tired of waiting for a big break. More importantly he learned that he doesn’t need one. He is meant to share his music. Therefore he is meant to be a leader in helping other artists get their music out and their careers launched. He is prepared to help all those willing to put the work in to help themselves. He has discovered through his own trials and tribulations that music is not a lottery. It is A career - out there for whoever wants to put the work in. Yet it seems people with that drive only come… ONE-IN-A-MILLION...



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